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Ilula Orphan Program Staff and Volunteers, Including Dr. Hastings and Ryan Hastings

Dr. Hastings & Associates is deeply proud to support the incredible work of the Ilula Orphan Program (IOP) in Ilula, Tanzania. Dr. Hastings and her husband have the honor of sponsoring the education of 6 children. These children come from impoverished families and several have lost at least 1 parent due to the difficult conditions of life in this region.

In addition to the opportunity to help children achieve their–and their families’– educational dreams, Dr. Hastings and her husband Ryan Hastings of Ryan Hastings Photography, travel to the IOP and volunteer regularly. They work with the girls in the Orphan Center, work with the Foster Family Program, work in construction, and any other tasks that are needed (the needs are great, the work is diverse and very rewarding). Travel to IOP also enables them to interact with other international volunteers and engage in meaningful brainstorming regarding ways to better support the community and expand services.

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IOP Center Girls playing with donated toys from Dr. Hastings & Associates

This incredible organization, which touches the lives of so many in the Iringa region of Tanzania, has completely won the hearts of Dr. Hastings and Ryan Hastings. IOP’s mission is to:
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Dr. Hastings and Ryan Hastings at the Ilula Orphan Program Center

The Ilula Orphan Program strives to provide the Tanzanian community, in particular, the most vulnerable children, women, and other marginalized groups with opportunities for quality education, life skills, counseling, and social economic sustainability regardless of race and religion. Through providing these opportunities, it aims to create a healthy, educated, and economically and socially developed Tanzanian community where human rights and integrity are respected and upheld.

               Through its mission and vision, the IOP shall uphold its values of commitment, creativity, volunteerism, cooperation, integrity, transparency, honesty, accountability, and respect to gender equality and equity.”

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Dr. Hastings at the Ilula Orphan Program Center playing with the girls she loves

Dr. Hastings and Ryan Hastings have seen these components of the mission in action in person, a profoundly moving experience. Dr. Hastings & Associates and Ryan Hastings Photography are currently developing a 5 year plan to support more areas of IOP’s wonderful work. If you are interested in joining our passion for this great cause, please view IOP’s website. There are many ways to get involved!

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