Speaking Engagements

One of my passions is translating the knowledge and expertise I have gained over the years into easily digestible, relevant, and helpful talks and workshops for professionals and lay-people. I have presented in many different contexts both locally, nationally, and internationally. I can present on an number of topics and would be happy to personalize a talk for your organization, department, or event.

Psycho-educational topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Adoption
  • Childhood sexual behavior and sexual development
  • Child/adolescent mental health
  • Couples’ challenges and treatment
  • Developmental disabilities and the family
  • Family structure, well-being, healthy family patterns
  • Family formation
  • Mental health and special education
  • Parenting/discipline
  • Psychopathology 101
  • Relaxation training
  • Reproductive issues (reproductive trauma, infertility, decision making processes, motherhood and mental health, transition to parenthood, attachment).
  • Suffering and resilience
  • Treatments for mental disorders

Please contact me for more information.

Upcoming Presentations

March 2015 (San Juan, Puerto Rico): My research partner, Dr. Mudita Rastogi, and I will present our work, Adapting A Psycho-Educational Program For Couples Regarding Reproductive Decisions: In-Vivo To Online Models at the 2015 International Education Conference.

Past Presentations

March 2014 (Panama City, Panama): My research partner, Dr. Mudita Rastogi, and I presented our work, CCOPL: An Online Intervention for Couples Regarding Reproductive Decisions at the International Family Therapy Association World Congress.

May 2013 (Chicago): Raising an Emotionally Regulated ChildCHEERS for All Moms: Parenting Series. Dr. Nikki Massey-Hastings explored various parenting styles, the co-parenting relationship, and family structure in light of how they impact child emotional development. Child emotional development is crucial to various developmental milestones. For example, the success of the transition to kindergarten is predicted by a child’s ability to emotionally regulate him/herself. Practical steps to raising an emotionally regulated child will be explored.

February 2013 (Singapore): My research partner, Dr. Mudita Rastogi, and I presented our work, Choosing the Childfree or Parenting Lifestyle (CCOPL) at the Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology Annual International Conference.

October 2012 (Chandigarh, India): My research partner, Dr. Mudita Rastogi, presented our work, Choosing the Childfree or Parenting Lifestyle (CCOPL) as a workshop at the Indian Psychological Science Congress. She was also interviewed about our model for the local TV station’s news broadcast.

September 2012 (London, England: University of Oxford): As winner of the Society of Reproductive and Infant Psychology’s distinguished Graduate Student Prize, I presented Choosing the Parenting Lifestyle: Initial Pilot Study Findings at their Annual Conference.

March 2012 (Vancouver, Canada): I presented Choosing the Parenting Lifestyle at the International Family Therapy Association World Congress Couples Therapy: Advancing the Profession.

February 2012 (Schaumburg, Illinois): Guest Speaker at South Campus Therapeutic Day SchoolTalking with Your Kids About Sex: What Every Parent Needs to Know

March 2011 (Elgin, Illinois): Workshop Presenter at Illinois Association  of Marriage and Family Therapy Conference: Childhood Sexual Development and Treatment: Sexting & Other Trends

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