Consulting Services

For Mental Health Professionals

My interest and knowledge in the area of reproduction and family formation (choosing to become parents vs. choosing to remain childfree, adoption, miscarriage, infertility, grief related to family formation, etc.) and my training and experience understanding macro and micro systems allow me to provide comprehensive clinical case consultation for mental health professionals that are seeking help in effectively working with these issues in their caseload. I am particularly well equipped for, and experienced with, couple case consultation (specifically in the modality of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy) and family systems (parent-child bonding, undesirable child behaviors, child aggression/violence, etc.). 

School Districts

I am able to provide comprehensive consulting to school districts and parents to determine what is maintaining problematic behaviors which are interfering with the student’s ability to be successful in school. I have substantial experience writing and assessing the effectiveness of IEPs (Individualized Education Plan) and BIPs (Behavior Intervention Plans).

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